Free Gospel Singing Workshop followed by 'The Gospel Music Spirit' at St James's Church, Piccadilly | Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir

Free Gospel Singing Workshop followed by 'The Gospel Music Spirit' at St James's Church, Piccadilly

Sunday, 11 March 2018 - 4:30pm

Join us for a free gospel singing workshop in central London, hosted by St James's Church Piccadilly near Piccadilly Circus. 

Everyone is welcome, whatever your background or previous singing experience. During the 60-minute session we'll learn a new gospel song from scratch, and explore how to produce a powerful gospel choir sound together. The workshop will be energetic, uplifting, funky and - above all - fun!

Afterwards you'll have the opportunity to sing the song you've just learnt in public with the Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir and band, at the start of their 6pm gospel music service. 

Under 16s are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Please arrive ready to start the workshop bang on 4.30pm so that we can enjoy every one of those 60 minutes of singing together!

The workshop is free of charge (any small donations welcome to help cover our costs).

We may take a few photos and videos of the workshop for publicity purposes. If you would rather not be filmed or photographed, no problem at all - just let us know when you arrive.

A note for church groups:

We welcome you especially those who are thinking of exploring gospel music at your own church.  We are keen to support you, and following the workshop we can provide resources that will allow you to sing the song that we learn together at your own church.  The 'toolkit' of resources will include:

  • a backing track (if you do not have musicians at your church)
  • practice audio files so that the soprano, alto and tenor parts can be easily learnt
  • lyric sheets
  • and a chord chart and sheet music for a keyboard player.

Discover our 'toolkit' of resources and contact our resources manager, Beverly Collins at to find out how Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir might be able to help your church explore gospel music.