The Choir

Sopranos: Bukola Abdul, Nonye Ajuonuma, Cristina Covone, Genia da Silva, Erica Hesketh, Minnie Oliver, Georgia Rodger, Magda Supel, Alex Wiseman.

Altos: Monica Atagana, Briana Azar, Beau Bailey, Alison Beck, Chris Bullock, Jade Elliot, Silla Mosley, Parris O’Connor, Marianne Otterson, Thea Smartt Henry, Alison Tsang.

Tenors: Ikenna Acholonu, Antony Fernandopulle, Clarence Hunte, Rachael Kesington, Rachel Owusu-Agyei,   Tose Page, Laura Sampson, Adel Tuzani, Peter Yarde Martin.

Choir directors

Clarence Hunte

Clarence has sung with Soul Sanctuary for 10 years and has been one of the team of choir directors since 2013. His passion for singing is evident from the numerous choirs and groups he is involved with, appearing regularly with Urban Voices Collective and Izo Fitzroy among many others. Clarence is an experienced workshop leader too, and particularly loves working with young singers.

Clarence directing

Chris Bullock

Chris has been active on London's gospel choral scene for more than a decade, and before picking up the baton for Soul Sanctuary previously directed the Urban Voices Collective and other choral groups. She specialises in arranging gospel vocal parts for choirs and sessions. Chris has been a member of Soul Sanctuary for nearly 10 years. 

Band leader

Peter Yarde Martin

Peter has been leading worship in churches since his teens, and joined Soul Sanctuary as a tenor before becoming band leader. As well as being very accomplished gospel keyboard player, he is a prize-winning composer and musical director of several gospel choirs and groups across London. We recorded Peter’s lovely Lamb Of God on our recent EP You Are The Key.

Image of Peter Yarde Martin


Miko Giedroyc


Miko founded Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir in 2005 with the desire to spread contemporary gospel music more widely, particularly among Catholic churches. Besides administering the day-to-day activities of the choir, he is also our Hammond organ player and the author of many of our arrangements and original pieces of music. 

Tracey Campbell

Founding director

The legendary Tracey Campbell was our first choir director for many years back when the choir first began (in 2005). She is a leading light on the UK gospel scene, and a gifted composer and director (and still one of our favourite visiting soloists!).

Tracey Campbell

Marie Benton

Former choir director

Musician, choir leader and singer Marie Benton was our second ever choir director, and also one of our original choir members. She led our choir for several years and we blossomed under her unique brand of energy and effervescence. Marie went on to found the Choir with No Name, a charity which runs choirs for people who have experienced homelessness and others on the edges of society. 

Marie Benton