Soul Sanctuary make TV debut in BBC 1 Easter Special!!!

Group Photo of Karen Gibson with Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir

I got carried away.  I found myself transported to another dimension.  Music gets past everything.  It goes straight to the heart, goes straight to the spirit, and it does something.  I think it brings life. - Karen Gibson

Easter Television

We had to wait to the end of the second episode of Britain's Easter Story on Easter Sunday morning, but we were there: spreading the good news about gospel music, our choir and our unique mission.

The BBC's Television people had got wind of our gospel oratorio, The Resurrection which we have performed twice at the Jazz Cafe on BBC Radio.  They realised it would fit in nicely to their TV programme about Easter in the UK which was to feature other unique and creative expressions of the Easter story.

Working with Kingdom Choir's Karen Gibson

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the show's presenter, Karen Gibson, the leader of the phenomenal Kingdom Choir who also feature in the show.  Filming took place at Farm Street Church on one of our regular monthly Sunday appearances (we're usually there on the third Sunday of the month at 5.30pm.)

Gospel Music At Farm Street and The Resurrection

Karen interviewed different members of the choir as well as Fr Dominic Robinson who explained that Soul Sanctuary and our once-a-month gospel masses are part of a rich diversity of music at Farm Street, sitting alongside more traditional styles of music.  Alto, Thea Smartt Henry, read spoken word elements of the piece during the rehearsal section of the segment and then Clarence Hunte tells Karen about the Oratorio and why we put it together.  Minnie Oliver and Alison Tsang describe what singing in the choir means to them.  Finally, the choir are shown singing "He Lives" during the service featuring Silla Mosley and Adel Tuzani.

We loved how the programme was able to reflect so well our mission:  bringing this energetic and modern sound into an environment where it isn't usually heard, conveying a message of love and hope to all.