Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir release Latin groove 'Silent Night' single

Cover Art for Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir Single 'Silent Night'

Gospel choirs come into their own at Christmas time: the energy and the positive joy which radiates from gospel music at all times is perfect for the season. And Christmas is perhaps the only time of year when Christian ministry, in musical form, is welcomed enthusiastically in all corners of the secular world: department stores, office parties, street corners. A gospel choir which isn’t working flat out at Christmas time is missing a trick.

So it’s long been a priority of ours to record and publish two of our favourite seasonal songs as a Christmas single.

Silent Night

Silent Night is over 200 years old and according to Time Magazine is the world’s most popular Christmas song, twice as popular as the world’s second favourite, Joy To The World (this puts Silent Night even further ahead of White Christmas, Jingle Bells, et al). Joseph Mohr’s lyrics are prayerful simplicity itself and  British gospeller Clinton Jordan, has set a new melody to a beautiful latin groove. This version of Silent Night is perhaps our favourite seasonal song, and in this recording our featured soloist is Soul Sanctuary's co founder,  Tracey Jane Campbell, who without warning to anyone broke into whistling in the middle of recording with us.

O Come Emmanuel

On our B-side is another Soul Sanctuary Christmas topper, the Clark Sisters’ (actually Twinkie Clark’s) extraordinary arrangement in a cappella harmony of Oh Come Emmanuel, which began life as fourteenth century French plainchant. Medieval polyphony meets Detroit gospel! This recording features soloing by Magdalena Supel.

Hear our Christmas single on Itunes, Spotify and Google Play, and Soundcloud and Youtube.